About Us
Global ETS assistance helps protect travelers anywhere on earth. This unique capability provides international lifelines to assure emergency protocol no matter where you are.

Covers Everyone, Traveling Anywhere!Global Emergency Travel Services (ETS) was created in 2010 by SkyMed International, a company with a 26-year history of offering premium traveler emergency evacuation memberships that allow travelers who suffered a critical illness or injury to be transported back home immediately for treatment and recovery in their own country of residence or medical network without restriction or cost.

Our border-less coverage amplifies the traveler’s circle of safety, ensures he or she will be transported home in case of a critical illness or injury, and preserves financial resources in time of need, while offering a gamut of other essential travel services

Our Services

Medical Assistance
Emergency Medical Evacuation: If you or your traveling companion suffer an injury or illness. Global ETS will provide an emergency evacuation under medical supervision, if necessary by whatever means necessary.
Medical Repatriation
GETS will transfer YOU or YOUR TRAVELING COMPANION, by whatever means necessary, to a medical facility near HOME or directly to HOME for continuing Care provided
Return of Dependent Children
GETS will arrange and pay for the return of YOUR minor children or grandchildren to their home, and if necessary, accompany them with an traveling attendant up to a maximum
of $5,000.
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