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Global Survivors

Global received a call from St. James Hospital in San Felipe, MX. Virginia Lawton had suffered multiple fractures of her femur, and needed to be evacuated immediately due to the possibility of internal bleeding. Global immediately arranged and paid for emergency air-transport to San Diego, where Virginia underwent surgery that evening. Once.

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Welcome to Global Emergency Travel Services!

Combining Travel Insurance with life saving medical evacuation, personal concierge, and expert emergency assistance for unforeseen circumstances.

We offer flexible short term coverage for international and domestic travel or annual memberships for maximum value and peace-of-mind. Get your quote below.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance reimburses you the costs of trip cancellation, trip interruption and other unforeseen expenses. And now it includes the GLOBAL ETS Essentials! Travel with complete Peace of Mind wherever you go.                                     

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The Essentials


MedEvac+ provides immediate worldwide support and assistance in the case of emergency. With medical evacuation, repatriation home and a full suite of more than 25 other travel assistance services, every traveler needs the GLOBAL ETS MedEvac+.

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